First and foremost, Sun Yoga teachers are passionate about yoga. They have all benefitted first-hand from a regular yoga practice and are eager to share what they have learned.

Jasna Res

Many years ago Jasna discovered the mental, physical and spiritual benefice of yoga and realized that she had found her path in this life. Jasna is trained and certified as a Yoga Instructor, having graduated from Blue Door Yoga Room’s 200 hour teacher training program, a Yoga Alliance recognized program. Jasna found that the more she practised the more she understood herself and enhanced her personal growth. Jasna is a truly inspiring teacher who discovered the power to heal herself through Yoga and Reiki. Jasna’s teaching style is accessible, thoughtful and knowledgeable.

Jasna is also a natural healing practitioner. She is a certified Reiki Master of Usui Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation, that helps promotes healing. She is 24th Octave La Ho Chi High Priestess. The 24th Octave LaHoChi is healing modality. LaHoChi is a powerful, high frequency hands-on healing modality. The 24th Octave LaHoChi can heal your physical body, your deepest emotional hurts and open you to the fullest of your being. Jasna is healing with Angel Light. The Angel Light healing is a beautiful, generous gift bestowed upon us from the Angelic realm. It connects with the Guardian Angels and keys us into the Love, support and guidance for our spiritual path and physical life. Jasna believe in natural healing. Many years ago she healed herself with regular yoga practice, meditation and Reiki. Now she would like to give back to community.

Learn more about Jasna and Bio-Energy therapy

Vincent Hewitt

Vincent started his yoga journey over 15 years ago when a football injury sidelined him and on the advice of his mother he tried yoga and has never looked back. Vincent right away noticed the benefits and healing power of yoga and to this day he is still very passionate about those healing benefits and loves to share these benefits with all his students. Vincent has trained with many world class teachers in his 15 years of practice, Rodney Yee, Donna Farhi, Simon Low & Baron Baptiste to name just a few. He has done extensive training with Rodney Yee and has done Baron Baptiste’s teacher training. Vincent always wants his students to enjoy themselves during class and teaches his students to try hard but take themselves lightly.

Diana Drmanac

Diana has been practicing Yoga since 2007 and Pilates since 2009. As a means of improving her own Pilates practice and being able to share the numerous benefits of Pilates with others, she recently obtained her Pilates Mat Work Certificate through Body Harmonics. As a new teacher, Diana loves that Pilates is a body conditioning method that can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels and helps to increase strength and coordination and build flexibility. Her recent certification has further sparked her interest in health and wellness. She hopes to continue on with obtaining further certifications and participating in workshops, which will allow her to lead and build more challenging and dynamic classes. After all, “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” ~William A. Ward

Incia Zaffar

Incia Zaffar is a Certified Elementary Teacher and a Kids and Family yoga Teacher. She has been working with children for 16 years. She has worked for a number of children’s organizations, public, private schools and summer camps including the Toronto Zoo!

Jennifer Mercanti

Yoga has changed my life by enabling me to find a balance between my daily job as a corporate lawyer and other aspects of my life. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Sun Yoga in 2012 and became registered with Yoga Alliance. I love to meet new students and share my love of yoga with others. I enjoy many forms of physical fitness, including dancing, weight training and zumba. I also share a love of travelling and have had the opportunity to learn from many experienced yoga teachers in New York, Chicago, California and Florida and incorporate these teachings
into my classes.

Jennifer is a Certified Professional Coach and completed over 340 hours of training in Toronto, San Francisco and Miami with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.  She is also registered with the International Coaching Federation.  She coaches other women and men within and outside her organization to raise their consciousness and fulfill their passion, potential and purpose in their careers and life.

Sonja Tessari

You cannot control what people do, you can only control how you response!
Yoga has helped me to be less reactive and more responsive in my life. Yoga has brought balance into my life. I feel happier, calmer, more vibrant and open to people in my life. I feel gratitude, compassion and clarity. I know what is important to me. I am present to my life, to my family and friends. I am creating my life, using my power to bring into my life what is right for me, attracting what will help me to live to my potential. Our destiny is now. You can achieve all this through yoga. I have over 500 hours of teacher training in Ashtanga, Power and Pre-natal yoga. I am grateful to my teachers who have helped me along my journey; Diane Bruni, Ron Reed, Baron Baptiste, Kinndli McCollum, Sasha Padron, Jasna Res and to those who I am yet meet.

Devin Garcia

Devin took her first class when she was 23 years old and fell in love with it right away. Since that day Devin has been dedicated to delving deeper into her practice, a day without yoga is a rare occurrence for her. Devin finds inspiration in the needs of her students and is grateful for the energetic presence.

Devin weaves a playful yet powerful practice for her students. She places a great emphasis on alignment of the body, mind, and heart. She invites her students to flow to the best of their abilities while testing their boundaries. She recognizes individual needs and fosters a non-competitive environment for her students.

Devin practices with an open heart and open hamstrings haha! She hopes to inspire her students to foster their flexibility and overall alignment to ensure they have happy healthy bodies for many years to come. At the same time, Devin hopes to help her students find a perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Liz Cloudt, BA, CYT

Liz is a Certified Yoga and Relaxation Instructor. She graduated with High Honours from the Teaching Hatha Yoga Program at Sheridan College and has been a practitioner since 1988. She regularly attends conferences and workshops dealing with the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Liz’s classes are gentle, yet challenging. She strongly believes that everyone can and should incorporate some form of Yoga into their life. She has worked extensively in the area of stress management, working with cardiac patients and stroke survivors. She presently teaches Yoga and relaxation at various locations throughout the community. In addition to teaching yoga, Liz works in the fitness industry as a fitness coach.


Caren Berger

Caren was introduced to Yoga about eight years ago, at a time in her life when she was submerged in a busy career and raising two small children. Through yoga she found the importance of giving to oneself in order to be for others.  The stress relief and calming effects were addictive and after her first class, she was hooked! Through this practice, Caren has been able to understand more about herslf in order to live an authentic life. After being a student of Yoga for many years, the natural progression was to enrol in 200 hr. teacher training which she completed in the winter of 2014. Caren has been thankful to be able to bring this amazing practice to others in her life and beyond! She enjoys teaching a Vinyasa style of Yoga where focus is on the connection between breath and movement.  Caren invites her students to step out of their comfort zone and into possibility!


Monica Briscall

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” Terry Orlick

The practice of yoga is one of the things that does this for me.  I was introduced to yoga in my early twenties and it immediately had such a positive impact in all areas of my life that I continued an informal practice throughout the busy years of working full-time and raising a family.  After a 31-year career in education, I retired which gave me the opportunity to once again attend formal yoga classes.  My curiosity to learn more about all aspects of the practice of yoga inspired me to enlist in the teacher training program at Sun Yoga.  Although I had no actual intention to teach yoga, the circumstances arose for me to take over the ‘Yoga for Zoomers (50+)’ classes.  This coupled with my experiences in dealing with friends and aging parents has fuelled a desire to encourage all Zoomers to find an activity such as yoga that not only keeps you strong and flexible but carries over into building a healthy, active, rich and full lifestyle, thereby, having an overall positive impact on the quality of life at any age. As the famous Sufi poet Rumi states, “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” I encourage all Zoomers to try yoga and see how the practice of yoga can help you soar!

Leasa Wright

Leasa began her yoga journey at a young age, but really delved into it after suffering from a brain injury in recent years. She has found the practice helped her to regain her balance and strength during the ongoing recovery process. Also, as an entrepreneur, Leasa had dedicated 110% of her time and energy to her business and had forgotten the importance of self-love. She felt she had lost a sense of grounding and was falling into an unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga has helped to restore her life’s balance. It has proven to be her saving grace.

Along with her yoga practice, Leasa studies the healing power of semi-precious stones and truly believes in their unique ability to help us harness our energy.

Leasa has completed her Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Sun Yoga. Her teaching style has been described as calming and meditative with a few challenging poses added in to heat things up. Her class takes you through a combination of prana breathing exercises and asanas (poses) to open your chakras and allow your energy to flow through your mind and body, helping to align everything with your spirit.

Come learn to experience the healing powers of Yoga that she and many others have discovered – when you come to your mat every day; be patient. be fearless. be kind to yourself. Enjoy the process.


Sharon Otter

My yoga journey started May 2013. when I was diagnose with Osteoporosis at age 43.
I was advised by my Doctor to try yoga to help with my poor posture. I didn’t have any expectations when I first entered Sun yoga studio, in fact I was at a very low point in my life. I was surprised after the first class to find.

1. Yoga is fun
2. Yoga is challenging
3. Yoga is interesting
4. Yoga is for everyone any age

I decided to become a member straight away, and this is how yoga changed my life. I became mentally stronger and physically stronger. I had never worked on my upper body because of all the bones I broke, yet I was now balancing on my arms – Unbelievable. I decided to do Teacher Training as my passion for yoga kept growing and growing. I completed my training September 2016. I now teach Vinyasa flow and I focus on Arm and Core strength. To help with daily life and balance. I love meeting new people and seeing new faces in the studio. Hope to see you in the studio, and remember just breath.

Joseph Iannicelli

Joseph Iannicelli is former CEO of the Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada and Banyan Work Health Solutions that discovered yoga as a means to treat various injuries that accumulated through years of active participation in competitive sports. He teaches a Power Vinyasa Flow that is an adaptation of Ashtanga yoga. His classes are energetic, lively and flow with breath. You will improve flexibility, strength and concentration. Students of all levels are encouraged to participate.