While yoga has done so much for so many students to find peace, even happiness, in their daily lives now to Sun Yoga comes a special two-day workshop that can change your future…forever.

In this highly recommended two-day manifestation workshop coming April 25 and 26, students will work with the amazing Daxa Chauhan to make those internal changes in thinking that will create lasting future happiness.

Daxa has helped clients to let go of past anger and regrets that block meaningful change.

Here’s what Daxa will teach in the two days she works with you:

  • How to let go of anger
  • How to forgive others
  • How to take responsibility for the way you feel
  • How to change how you feel in each moment
  • How to feel more energetic, enthusiastic and excited about your life
  • How to attract great events, experiences and people into your life

For more information about Manifesting Your Dreams contact Sun Yoga at 905-469-3309.