At Sun Yoga we consider our yoga rooms to be places of meditation as well as yoga studios. That’s why, if you come 20 minutes early to a class, you may find students lying in savasana (corpse pose) or sitting on the floor (or on a block) breathing deeply with their eyes closed. This personal, quiet meditation is not only an excellent preparation to your yoga practice but also can provide a few minutes of calmness and mindfulness in our busy day.

While there are many meditation methods, one of the simplest is to sit or lie quietly and just focus on your breath. That’s all there is to it. Just breathe deeply, slowly in and out. Some find it helpful to count their breath in, hold, count breath out, hold and repeat.

Now thoughts will naturally arise as you meditate. Do not be discouraged. Meditation experts recommend you simply notice the thought and let it go. We can let our thoughts go by not attaching to them knowing that this is not the time for thinking. Then we return to our breathing and sitting and being still. Over time, you will find you can meditate for longer and longer periods without thoughts or worries intruding on your practice. This is the bases of all mediation practices.