I am a fully engaged human being who daily works at mindfully remaining open, being non-judgmental and connecting to others. It is easier for me to live inward verse outward but our true lives are meant to live outward. It is by living outward we are able to manifest our true potential.  I graduated in Film & Media Studies; my ambition catapulted me through a 28-year career as I climbed the corporate ladder holding numerous positions in the Broadcast Media Industry – always a reliable employee with a positive attitude.


Today I am still all of the above but I am even more ignited in my life. Today I am passionate to be of service to others by bringing health and freedom to people so they can live their best life possible. My dream is to build an international team of like-minded people who want to bring health to others. I recently became a caregiver to a cancer survivor – I live each day with what it means when our health has been lost and how the spirit keeps us uplifted and motivated to restore health – our Health is our Wealth!


I am now freedom junkie who will spend the rest of my life being a light for others, by doing more and shinning bright so others can find their light. Often we get what we want life but the “good stuff” is in the things we did not ask for but are given to us.  Each yoga class I teach keeps me connected and grounded to my students and in my life. It allows me to live outward and to let more in so my life can be full and rich.