[bq type=”bubble” id=”Natalee-quote” author=”Natalee” profession=”” company=”Oakville” separator=”|”]One of the many things that I love about the studio is its environment; but above all I love the people, both the instructors with their helpful comments, attitude, and the way they make my family and I feel welcome, as well as the fellow practitioners and their amazing energy.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”trina-quote” author=”Trina” profession=”” company=”Oakville” separator=”|”]Three month ago, my partner convinced me to try yoga with him. He had been practicing at home for 3 years, and though I had tried to follow the DVDs with him, I was never able to truly experience yoga while surrounded by laundry, children, and the myriad of “things to do” in the house. Though skeptical, I thought I would try yoga with Dwayne, to see if I would actually enjoy the practice. What has happened to me, to us, in the past three months is fantastic. I have found peace ofmind and body, something I never thought possible. A devout coffee drinker, I have given up the habit, replacing it with a variety of different teas. I am sleeping better, something that has eluded me for 15 years. I also took my measurements when I joined Sun Yoga. I lost 8 inches over all in the first two month. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”lisa-quote” author=”Lisa” profession=”” company=”Oakville” separator=”|”]I’ve discovered over the years the value and importance of exercise for our health and well being. Admittedly, it wasn’t a smooth path but one thankfully that lead me to “Sun Yoga”. A loyal client for almost 2 years and practicing a minimum of 3 times a week, I found even more then I knew I was looking for.

At “Sun Yoga”, and with the variety of classes that are available, the instructors are truly dedicated and committed to helping guide you through your own personal journey.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”michaela-quote” author=”Michaela Schwandner” profession=”” company=”Oakville” separator=”|”]When I started yoga more than a year ago, I had been searching a while already for an exercise activity that I would truly enjoy and be able to commit to, not just because it’s healthy and good for you but also because it is fun. Running monotonously around the block and mostly on asphalt is not my cup of tea. Running on a treadmill in a gym while staring at a TV with an I-pod plugged in, did not appeal very much to me either. When I discovered the Sun-Yoga studio, I was glad to have a Yoga studio so close by. The owner of the studio, Jasna, makes you always feel very welcome. The atmosphere there is personal and friendly. The teachers are knowledgeable and offer a great variety of different yoga styles. Try it out, there is something in it for everyone, no matter what your size, age or level of fitness is.[/bq]