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Catch up with us this October

New Month, New Changes


We have new classes and new time slots starting October 1st. 

NEW class Hot Vigorous Flow at 7:30pm with Sharon. Class is $8.
Our 8:15am Vigorous Vinyasa class with Samantha is moving to 9am. 
Hot Vinyasa Flow with Vincent is moving to 7:30pm.
Wednesday at 7:30pm is the new home for our Meditation -Yoga Nidra with Mukta.
Hot Aromatherapy restorative yoga with Jen is moving from 7:45 to 6pm. 
Hot Vigorous Vinyasa with Anna is moving from 6:30pm to 6pm. 
Yin Pure Stretch with Jasna is moving from 7:45 to 7:15.
Yin Pure Stretch is moving back to 11:30am.
NEW class Candle Light Yoga at 7pm with Liz Clay.

We want to thank you again for sharing  your feedback with us over the Summer.

We believe in yoga, we are passionate and we have deep commitment to Yoga and community.

Yoga for Zoomers

Our zoomers class all hold a fabulous side stretch, reaching up to release those sticky hip and back muscles. Come out and join us!  










Yoga for Beginners

We love seeing new faces in the studio. If you’re interested in experiencing Yoga but aren’t sure where to start, we can help. Learn the fundamentals in yoga philosophy, poses, studio etiquette & more.


Our instructors combine for over 50 years of experience teaching yoga. Enjoy a challenging and engaging Yoga experience.


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